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The Green Advantage and Green Tips

We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of everything we do, and we want to encourage you to do the same. Green events are becoming more and more standard in the industry. Event Planners, engaged couples and organizations are looking to plan without the waste. There are many ways to have a green event without sacrificing style or elegance. And amazingly enough, going green can save you money. Every part of an event has eco-friendly options worth considering, and there's a shade of green for everyone. Whether you incorporate just one or two earth-friendly elements, or go completely carbon neutral, remember that every green choice makes a difference.

Your event at ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center will have environmental, social and economic benefits.

Environmental Benefits: : Each one of the 2.5 million weddings this year in the United States will produce an average of 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 400-600 lbs of garbage. That's a lot of waste! Consider all the “stuff” that goes into events: chemically treated imported flowers that are used once and thrown away, food waste, non-compostable, disposable serving ware, disposable table clothes, favors, paper invitations and one time use decorations and wrapping paper.

Social Benefits: Having a green event at ECHO gives you the opportunity to make a difference by supporting companies that actively incorporate social and environmental responsibility into the way they do business. Our vendors will encourage you to make green choices, and help you explain your choices to your guests, you support the green economy and change the way people in your community think. You can showcase how easy it is to be eco-chic and share your favorite eco-friendly products with your guests.

Economic Benefits: According to a recent study by The Wedding Report, the average cost of a U.S. wedding is over $26,000! By having your wedding or event at ECHO, your facility rental fee is going directly into our mission to provide Lake Stewardship education. ECHO’s preferred vendors are committed to sourcing local suppliers, supporting ECHO and our community.

View our list of green tips below for ideas on how you can reduce your event’s carbon footprint when choosing ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center for your event location:

  • Select a LEED Certified event venue, which is committed to green practices.
  • Have your ceremony and reception in the same place to minimize the amount of travel for your guests.
  • ECHO is within walking distance to hotels and restaurants, and in close proximity to the airport. Give guests the convenience of a centrally located event location.
  • ECHO’s preferred vendors are committed to supporting local businesses and green practices. Work with one of our caterers to plan a menu that will utilize local and seasonal foods.
  • Send invitations that are made of recycled, handmade or paper that can be planted. Consider tree-free paper printed with vegetable or soy-based ink.
  • Use a website to post your wedding invitation to reduce the amount of information that needs to be printed.
  • Multi-use flowers – Use bride’s maid bouquets as decoration by providing vases for them to put the flowers in at the reception. For centerpieces choose potted flowers or plants and give them to your guests to take home and enjoy. Choose to donate flowers to Vermont Recycle Flowers and ECHO will call and arrange for pick up after your event. These flowers will be re-arranged and delivered to local nursing homes, children hospitals and nonprofit organizations.
  • Rent glassware, dishware and linens or use compostable alternatives to minimize waste. Purchase glassware for favors and have the bar utilize glasses throughout the night, to save on rental costs and encourage guests to reuse them at home.
  • Most of the Wedding Cake goes to waste – do a dessert table instead and give guests take home boxes so they can take goodies home.
  • Give edible or locally made items for favors or donate the money you would have spent on favors to charity of your choice.

Click here for a list of ECHO’s preferred vendors who are committed to using green practices while delivering the highest quality service.

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