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Sugarsnap Bar Catering Menu

This menu outlines the overall charges for bar catering. We can help you decide the type of service and menu that will work best for your event.

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Basic Charges
Booking Fee: $150 (covers insurance and permits)
Labor: $25/hr per bartender, including setup and breakdown

Service Options
There are many service options available. We can work with you to create the right one for your event. They include:
Cash Bar: The host of the event pays for the basic charges and guests pay for their drinks. Very popular, simple and cost effective.
Open/Hosted Bar: The host pays for drinks. The price depends on the number of people, duration of event and what drinks are offered.
Combination: Creative options include: The host pays for beer and wine and guests pay for mixed drinks; The host pays for drinks ordered during a specified period of time or up to a specified dollar amount.

Additional Charges and Fees
Gratuity: Guests of cash bars are typically given the opportunity to tip the bartender. In a hosted bar, many caterers charge an automatic gratuity of 15-20%. It is our policy to give the host the option to leave a gratuity based on service satisfaction. It is your choice as to whether guests are given the opportunity to tip as well.
Other Charges: Based on the location, style, duration, number (and age) of guests at your event, there may be additional costs. Examples include: security services, travel charges or rental of glassware, tables and linens.

Overview of Beverage Prices
Contact us to discuss specific options. Custom menus, specialty drinks and special all-Vermont menus are available.
Non-Alcoholic: Housemade beverages and soda, $2 and up
Beer: $5 and up
Wine: $7 and up
Spirits: $7 and up

Contracts and Deposits
To book a date for our bar service, Sugarsnap requires a contract and a deposit. For a cash bar, we require a $500 deposit. For a hosted bar, we require a deposit of 50% of the estimated final invoice.

For more information and to set up a meeting with us to discuss your event, please contact us at 802.861.2951 or events@thesnapvt.com.

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